Parameter Table:
The basic building block of all laboratory information is the parameter list that is being measured. Significant figures, calculations and the basic unit of measurement for a certain parameter will differ depending on the method used to measure parameter.

Units Table:
All units of measure are stored in this table and are related to a basic measuring unit by a certain conversion factor.

Method Table:
Methods are the well-defined analytical techniques used to identify or quantify chemical of physical characteristics of substances. The method table is used to relate the parameters that are identified and/or quantified with each analytical method and may also include organizational information describing the method. Within this table the specific calculations, preferred units of measure, significant figures, upper and lower detection limits for each parameter is identified.

Test profile table:
Types of sample that are routinely submitted to the lab. So the test assignment occurs automatically.

Automatic sample registeration.
Sample registeration
Work assignment
Automated results entry
Manual result entry
Instrument calibration
Test validation and sample approval
Report generation
Audit trail