Why QA/QC...?


Quality Control

Field quality control:

It includes the selection of appropriate sampling equipment and sample containers, Staff trainning and documentation of all sampling protocols as standard operating procedures " SOPs"

Laboratory quality control:

It involves the use of documented procedures to be followed to ensure that all meaurements and data processing activities that affect the quality of data produced in the laboratory meet the predetermined data quality objectives.

Quality Control Procedure :

QC goes well beyond using standard methods and codes of good laboartory prackice (GLP) and includes

  • Selection of methodologies
  • Methods validation and determination of detection limits
  • Instrument maintenance logs and performance checks;
  • Calibration checks;
  • Preparation and use of standards;
  • Control charls; Analysis of blank, split, blind and duplicate samples
  • Analysis of surrogates; data validotion; and


  • Worksheet review Oral worksheet review.
  • On site analyst work review.
  • Independent or check sample examination
  • Intra and interlaboratory check sample